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February 28, 2008



Thanks, TPC. (You might have the greatest login name ever, btw).

Clapton was amazing, though I think truth be told, I might have sacrificed hanging with him at the after party for a girl..

Trailer Park Casanova

The show was a little rough around the edges and ya hit a few pot holes tonight,, but still a very good show.

Whodathunk Dr. Dan Hills poker face CEO segment would be so good? - It was great.

Terri Keenan hit on some interesting takes on people looting their 401K's Deferred Comp plans, though she looked windblown and worn out.

Though supposedly restricted access to 401 k's, I know people buying all kinds of nonsense with their retirement early "draws".

In all, some original segments, thoughts and takes on tonights show,. That's becoming a benchmark of Happy Hours premis.

You must be exhausted. It's been a very good week of Happy Hours.
You deserved seeing Clapton tonight.

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