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February 26, 2008



Thanks for the feedback. Was totally a blast to be out there today. I got nervous when my mom was on...dunno why it was, but I think my hand was shaking while she and I were talking. Joanna Krupa, David Malpass, Chuck Norris -- no problem...Donna Willard, on the other hand, makes me shake to this day!

Trailer Park Casanova

Damn,,it's going to be another good week of programs!

Father Morris is always a good commentator, with interesting takes. The G spot bit could'a been a bit longer. His quick wit and humor can make any subject funny.
Good to see the Padre brought back at the end of the show.

Rebecca, as usual, looked like she's built for speed in her Hot Rod Purple dress.

The Campbell-Klitschko piece dovetailed nicely.

-Great show today.


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greg patchen

Great program today; including the Priest was a great idea......The stuff about your Mom was welcome, too.

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