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May 22, 2007


This is nonsense. You're proposing to ameliorate the situation in Darfur by investing in extractive industries like oil? Cite me one example of how an oil company, or any multinational for that matter, has improved a human rights disaster like Darfur with investment. At least the divestiture movement can point to successes like South Africa. Divesture and political pressure takes capital out of the hands of the corrupt powerful, effectuating change.

An adrenaline shot of capital to Darfur would be a welcome high for the corrupt powers in charge, fueling the chaos.

Stephen L. McKay

I love it Cody! - I'm out of the country right now, but will look into this and click on your various links when I get home next week.

I still check in with you sometimes, and after reading this post I'm glad I did! Atta Boy!

Will send you a personal email next week, as i would love to help this cause!

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