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September 08, 2006


Stephen L. McKay

Cody,I see this sort of stuff all the time! From educated people! I used to think that Jay leno's "Street Walking" segment, where he interviews people and askes them questions about things which should be common knowledge, was a put on. I thought these were probably unknown actors, hired to appear to be dim witted, but now I'm not so sure. My Mother likes to say; "There must be something in the air", and I'm beginning to believe she is right (of course you will find typographical and spelling errors in my emails too)!Hard to believe someone with (we hope) at least four years of higher education could be so ignorant as to think this is how you spell "Assess"! The worst part, however, is that this person will probably apply for, and get a job in the White House communications office, and if you think old G.W.B. has trouble with nuclear now...Rock on my friend!P.S. Like the new blog look!

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