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September 13, 2006


Stephen L. McKay

Cody,Been traveling, so I'm behind, but always try to catch your blog once or twice a week.Love the post, as I do most of your prose.Part of the problem is something called "greed", and there is a big difference between being financially ambitious, and competitive, and being "greedy", which denotes a desire to have it all, at all cost (or perhaps at no cost would be the better way of putting it). To me, the greedy care more about how much they amass, than how they amass it, and institutions of higher education are no exception.Again, I reference Jay Leno, as every year he interviews players about to compete in the Rose Bowl. The questions are simple, and the answers should be common knowledge to the average high school freshman, yet the replies are unbelievabley ignorant!I used to love collegiate athletics because I foolishly believed they were still somewhat untouched by the commercialization that proliferates professional sport.How naive I was.Rock on my friend...

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