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August 25, 2006



Where do you live again Wes? Anyway don't we all have these feelings? it dosn't matter what way we think it really matters what we feel when we think these things? Sometimes my guts hurt so bad, other times I am just throw them up, no big deal and at times I am really trying to say what I mean and it really dosn't come out the way I expect it to so go figure. It is really hard but it is great to have Cody here to help us, thanks Cody rock on. 6 sheets to the wind. Hey wasn't that a song?Claudia


I have a hard enough time managing my own portfolio. That said, guys like you keep my interest in the game while also keeping it fresh. For that, thanks man... I think... lol


It is a part of your strategy, and useful tool for directing our thinking (that otherwise wonders)what will you do, if only you could?what you are not thinking about?Also, making scenarios helps us to notice the difference, between what we wish to happen and what is likely to follow.The stomach knot feeling is also a part of your strategy (just as it is a part of mine on every trade decision).Mister Softee will be around and will get aquired if runs into trouble and won't disappear. Just as IBM transformed. And things would be less volatile with Grenspan, but Ben seem to learn the language.But these are not just big fears generated by our mind, it is productive to start with big caution in stock market (just as it is useful to remember crash statistics if you are airplane pilot), but that should not render indecisiveness and what to do with those awful feelings when you are indecisive, I'm still figuring it out for myself. Good luck and thanks for reminding that we need periods of deep concentration.

maximo zeledon

Cody,Don't be so damn hard on yourself. You were right on Microsoft and the fact that you called it on the Larry Kudlow Show tells me you have strong convictions. But then again I'm not running a hedge fun like you are. I think a lot of people followed your lead and opted to cash out this summer. Me and my 75K did exactly that for the exception of MSFT, so I thank you for that. I can't afford to lose money as an MBA student! Have fun in Colorado.

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