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August 10, 2006



Hi codythe best thing said was when Jon Stewart said you Looooooooost.


Cody, better you stick to stocks....at least there you have somewhat of a clue.....when it comes to politics, you're lost!


Multi-party systems work fine in Canada, England, Germany, France, etc.We get majority govts all the time in Canada (at least four major and a few minor parties).Haven't had ANY civil wars up here.However we do work under a parlimentary system. You guys are unique in some regards.Still you think there would be three or four parties in the States. Far right and left, mod left and right.


You couldn't be more wrong!!!!!Cody, I thought you were a smart guy!Wow, where to start?("Entrenched, sold out,he is the problem!") That is what you said... I won't argue that, or tell you who to vote for, or critize you arguement against him.... Joe Liberman was for the war, that is the only reason you can give that made him lose the primary.Fine!But the two party system??????If we had three parties that were strong, or six, or twelve? How would we ever have a governing body that would be in the majority?It probably wouldn't happen, and we would, could, have civil war!!!!! or Worst a govt that didn't repersent the people. either way the two party system has brought us here.We have had 200 years of post election transfer of Govt... without bloodshed... Rethink you stupid advice and really think about it... In twenty more years, when you have really lived you can spout off about it.... Otherwise shut up about the two party system... I think your wrong and I'm glad to be American and glad that we transfer power ever few years witrh out civil war....


Welcome to America. A land where activist judges rewrite the Constitution, where people file appeals of appeals of lawsuits, and at times where a President and Congress can be from two opposite parties (so we get absolutely nothing done, no matter what point of view you may have).How about an "Honest-Realist" party? Oh wait, there wouldn't be any motivation for personal gain there, so that wouldn't work....Down with two parties.

Cody Willard

Interestingly, this is the second person who's contacted me (the other one via email) about how I'm somehow unfairly blaming democrats for something other than being horrid crony-ized sell outs. And it's not like I'm implying they're any worse (or better) than the Republicans. Both are shameful parties. Looking forward to the first day of class!


Although I cannot deny that the two part system needs a re-vamping and quite frankly, a constitutional overhaul, I think that "Old Joe Leeb" (as I like to call him) might actually have good intentions. Call me naive, as I am only a college student and have not had commented with Larry Kudlow on CNBC, but I think he is staying in the race because he can win the race. I also believe that you make the classic mistake of blaming DEMOCRATS for problems that LIBERALS create. Old Joe is a moderate to the core - moderate - with all the volatility costing people millions a day in value investing in the stock market - I would think you would enjoy seeing a little moderation for a change. See you in class in the Fall - Valuation of Innovation.

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