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July 13, 2006



I see Cody has a new picture (as if one is not enough), he's looking very introspective. Just saw his latest RM post...gee, what priopriatary information (and all this for $25 a month) telling us to "stay on the sidelines"......hmmm, a lot of value-add there!!


I got out of the stock market months ago. There is nothing better than having a pile of cash earning 5% with no stress in these difficult times. It is worth one's mental health.Sometimes the most simple strategies are too easy for people to see.


I had lunch with a business partner yesterday and we had the exact same conversation. In recent years cash was not even an investment option with only a low single digit yield. Investors were trying to decide between stocks, commodities, emerging markets, etc. I think investors are just beginning to realize cash is now a viable option at 5%. With geopolitical and economic risk continuing to climb, investors will soon choose cash over other investments. The question is where will they pull money from. The rest of the summer should be interesting.


In the land of the heavily mortgaged, credit card crazed, up to his ass in debt, got 3% a year in my big cap mutual fund 401k for the last seven years type common folk, you bet your sweet ass Cash is King. Especially for those who don't have any. I love all the bitchin' especially when the market is barely down for the year. Got Cash?!!!


Hi Cody,I agree with you that the allure of cash has been magnified in recent months, and that your suggestion to realize some of your friend's nice gains is well founded. Assuming you have built a nice cash base, you also seem to be in a really advantageous position now to take advantage of tech's weakness. While I have no problem keeping more cash than normal in these volatile markets, I do think it that in hindsight there were major oppotunities for trades on the short side. With all the news and earnings coming out I am sure you're busy out of your mind, so I won't make this too long. I did send a resume to you via e-mail from my UConn address and I was wondering if you have received it or not. Have a nice day, kinda like BCOM.

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