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June 27, 2006


Cody Willard

Claudia -- funny stuff (I think...?)Anon-- I don't know what to say. Thanks for flattering my ego, I think. I wish I were a rock star.J from MSFT -- thanks for the commentary. Would love to hear you elaborate in any way you can. Anon-- though you're seemingly wasting your time flaming me with this nonsense, I'm not going to waste my time getting you the proof you seek. If you really want to, by all means go sign up for a free trial at Realmoney.com and search archives from March 2003 or so, when I first started buying and writing that I was buyign Apple. It's all there in black and white along with many, many mistakes and losses I've had too. Thanks for reading and caring so much regardless.


Sure, let's see some of the posts you've made regarding Apple....especially the one you made @ $7. No interest in being a subscriber to RM, so maybe you could paste some of those posts you refer to over here.....perhaps one where you sold some of your Apple and took a profit.


Hey Cody, I work at Msft and appreciate your support and understanding of MS. Lots of my friends got riffed yesterday in a cosmetic move to make things try and make sense at Msft. The net result will be less accountability and less accuracy by Msft Sales force. Don't believe the minor movement in jobs as a panacea. J


Cody, this is getting ridiculous. Where is that damn shirtless pic we've all been asking for?


hi CodyIt has been a long time since i read your blog, sorry, it is hard to say that I don't have the time, but i really don't have time to read right now., anyway I don't like #1 anon, quit being an ass, we have all lost money in the market..... # 2 is cool # 3+4 just are mixed up. I love Wes , Wes where do you live? and the rest is you Cody you are doing just fine. Your friend. I hope I got them right??? Rock On Cody, and I miss the Rev, I will be back.ClaudiaPs. Cody I think the word verification sucks. I can't see See ya . Have a great 4th SPKMH and what was the first one i could not get right? whats with this? is this to help cops catch the bad guys on your web site Cody? Now you want me to spell???? Just kidding. I think I can sepl taht cdoy spkmh or? Ver nac I teg a eerf htnom rof a keew I yllear deen ti. sknahts veR. spkmh vxemx

Cody Willard

Anon-- dude, I bought and wrote about AAPL since $7 per share. Whatever, man.Cool, thanks, Glenn, I do agree taht we're far from free the ideal of liberty, but we are closer than we've EVER been.Anon -- I think today's youth are more in tune and well read and up to date than any generation in history.anon-- I have to say, I am having a lot of fun with the TV stuff. The HF's stressful as hell, but it's been a great experience too. Don't know.Wes -- yeah, funny.anon-- Go to realmoney.com and type in "Cody" and "mea culpa" and voila! You'll have lots of examples of me losing money in public!


I'm still waiting to read about how or when you have actually taken a trading loss.....geez, must be nice to be the only trader on Wall St. never to have taken a hit.....love how you are always "covering shorts" when the market is down......and the "net long" thing is a nice touch as well....talk about CYA!


Great show man. Loved the little sneak-in of the WSJ/AAPL article.... heh heh


Cody, be real with me. If you had your druthers, would you instead of running a hedge fund rather be hosting a daily show on cnbc "Flipping It with Cody Willard".If so, follow your dreams, and of course rock on. Just don't do what you think you must to gain the respect and credibility of wall street and the world. You would only be doing yourself a disservice.


Cody,I just saw one of your interviews with a young woman on the street. She indicated that she did not read a paper, and I got the impression that she has little to no information source for news. I am curious as to your feel for that generations percentage level of not being really interested in current events such as government and the economy. It is kind of scary!!!!

Glenn H

Cody, Ignore the flamers.I heard you say you are a proponent of the free market philosophy. So, I'm sending you these links that are the best I've found that show and prove just how far from that ideal of liberty we really are today, and who's to blame.For I know for certain, your inglorious educrats have never shared these embarassing (for them) realities with much of anyone for almost a hundred years, but instead the "other" story - ie FDR's greatness and leadership, how the Fed prevents cycles (ha), the compassion of progressive central planners of other's lives, over the lovers of liberty, limited Govt, free choice and individualism.I'd really like your opinion on these - and I suspect they'll knock your socks off!"Merchants of Death" revisited: Armaments, Bankers and the First World Warhttp://www.mises.org/journals/jls/19_1/19_1_4.pdfThe State as an Organization (video) http://www.mises.org/multimedia/video/asc2006/asc06-Rozeff.wmvTaking money back (completely logical and constitutional)http://www.mises.org/rothbard/moneyback.aspHow Progressives Rewrote the Constitution (video)http://www.cato.org/realaudio/cbf-02-15-06.ram The Issue of Tariffs: How U.S. Revenue Collection Was Turned Inside-Out (video) http://mises.org:88/Sophocleus Size Matters: How Big Government Puts the Squeeze on America's Families, Finances, and Freedom And Limits the Pursuit of Happiness (video)http://www.cato.org/realaudio/cbf-02-02-06.ram Big Business and the Rise of American Statism (exc. essay)http://praxeology.net/RC-BRS.htm The Founding of The Federal Reserve (video) http://mises.org:88/Rothbard-Fed The Great Depression, World War II, and American Prosperity, Part I (video) http://www.mises.org/multimedia/video/Woods/Woods5.wmv Secrets of the Federal Reserve (the web of power is phenomenal)http://www.barefootsworld.net/fs_m_ch_01.html Jackson's 2nd Bank US VETO (very important - what he correctly and constitutionally opposed is just what we ended up with in 1913) http://alpha.furman.edu/~benson/docs/ajveto.htm "The Separation of Commercial and Investment Banking: The Morgans vs. the Rockefellers" (the true thieves of the taxpayers and absconders of the const)http://www.mises.org/journals/qjae/pdf/qjae1_1_1.pdfBureaucracy and the Civil Service in the United Stateshttp://www.mises.org/story/2181The Case of Government Retirement Programshttp://www.mises.org/story/2196


Is there a bigger ego-maniac on Wall Street than you?? Your TV appearences?? Who cares? The "Cody-Cam"...excuse me while I go throw up! You even have Cramer beat, but at least he knows what's he's talking about. So, what happened to your Apple call? Funny how you just walked away from that one after being heavily long in the upper 60's.... Never once did I read you mentioning you sold some of the stock.....CNBC must be desperate to have a hack like you on!

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