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May 16, 2005



I couldn't help thinking of your "friend" in the bar when I read the lead obit in today's LA Times.I put down my own thoughts here: http://www.belowthecrowd.com/archive/2005/05/the_middle_of_t.html

The Unknown Broker

I think the problem was that the drunk left out another key word in his diatribe: "new"See, you thought he was hating on the Mexicans. He was really just talking about NEW Mexicans - you know that rough crowd from NM. And really, who can fault him for that, 'cause I know this one guy from NM - tall guy, rangy kid, absolutely no skills on the court, good hedge fund manager, but did I mention no ups and no jumper? HAHAHAHA !I have another friend from New Mexico too. And he and his wife put potatoes in tacos. They need some hatin' on for that.In seriousness though, good post. I live in the South, and of course we -- along with the rest of the country -- have made advancements in this area. But not enough. Not by a long shot. It does not dismay me so much when ignorance spews from the ignorant. When some no-nothing drunk or 6th grade educated, inbred doofus says something foolish, I sort of figure it's par for the course.What is more distressing is when an educated, successful, respected-in-community, businessperson type slides in some racist dig or joke.When they do that I like to pull out my wallet and show them a picture of my sister, her husband (a great husband and father who happens to be black) and their two beautiful kids.) Such backpeddling and sputtering you never saw!


All I can say is I've lived in lots of places, and there's always "somebody else" living there who somebody could figure out some reason to dislike.Really, I'm more concerned with some of the lunatic fringe we've got here already than I am about any of the people who are trying to get in from elsewhere, whether Mexico, Haiti, China, etc.That said, restraint is a wonderful thing.

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