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April 08, 2008


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Since the banks who got the money are telling ones promising systemic decline, I'm gonna be a bit skeptical. They stole your taxdollars and you don't even realize it .

Audrey Dostie

America’s New Morning

As this year comes to a close Americans are feeling the chill of the cold.
Politicians are having parties, slapping backs, and raising salaries.
Through all the dismal predictions of our near future we the people keep pushing forward.
Separation of class continues to last with greed and power it’s driving force.
A struggle for control of the new era is at hand, we the people must take a stand.
One voice is not enough it has to be all of us. Why can’t the politicians see they are no different from you or me. If only they would choose to remember life's one true mystery “love”. As the quote reads “ You may posses many gifts and talents yet love is the greatest gift, without it you are nothing more than an empty clanging cymbal".

We the people must see through the crowd of ignorance, never becoming bitter, seeing the bigger picture. Our eyes forever focused on one goal “preserving America’s legacy and future”. Coming into a refreshed awareness that we the people have always been the true legacy and future of America. Looking to the up and coming administration giving them our confidence and support. Finding faith deep down towards Obama though not all of us a believer in him at first. A smart man with deep consideration and compassion. What a huge load he will carry as the first African American president. He cannot just be good, he must be great. This gives little room for mistakes. Leaving us to believe he has a full heart and clear vision of a great future for America.

Yes, night is around us and will be for a bit longer. Yet morning is closing in to bring us light, warmth, and laughter. Let us all band together politicians included because simply one cannot be without the other. Working together for the good of all, no time for fighting or big egos, instead be humble since pride caused our recent fall. Obama we need a leader by example. Don’t mix into the crowd be a man who stands out. Make every decision from your inner guide to wrong and right. If you lead us with honor and integrity America will follow. Integrity is the preservative so greatly lacking in our country without it how lost are we? May God bless you and all of America today, tomorrow, and forever. Goodnight and it will be a Good Morning knowing Americans are consistently pushing forward.

Audrey Maryjane Dostie

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