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February 26, 2008


Will Gabrielski

Yo Cody! Congrats on all of your success man. Sorry I haven't spoken with you in a while. Now, to more important topics.. GOOG!

What are your thoughts on MSFT opening up to developers? Game on? What if MSFT doing that, and adding YHOO, creates a compelling alternative to GOOG apps that runs better on windows mobile until we see Android and whatever AAPL is going to announce in early March?

I have been of the opinion that, for the time being, this is the first eco slowdown GOOG will face as a giant and we have no idea just how sensitive the model is to that slowdown yet..multiple contraction ensues, comScore data not-withstanding.


About the only thing I have on the line with Google these days is ego.

Brandon Musler


You're so right about being long vs. being bullish. I had stopped averaging down but then you newsletter came and it made me tell myself, "time to cowboy up." Then the stock dropped the next 40 points. I bought again but of course much smaller than I would have had the newsletter arrived two days later. This isn't a complaint, only an observation.


For perspective, on a trade like this which particular calls would you likely buy and what percentage of your capital would you risk on the trade? Thank you.


Ouch, Gp, ouch. Ironically, we're hard at work behind the scenes already at changing that sign up page that offends you so.

And yeah, I'm glad you noticed the "I'm not afraid of your" recurring theme between me and the giant sports stars who come on our show. You do realize I'm being silly on purpose when I say that.

All the best.


cody, how many times must you repeat that you are the only investor who bot apple @ 7 and google @ the ipo? and do you actually believe that? my lord enough already. that was quite a few yars ago, what have you done lately? also only a scared little boy has to repeat to EVERY sports guest "i'm not afraid of you".

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