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June 01, 2007


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I heard from trhe grapevine of good ol' Ruidoso that you made it to the TV. Interesting to know that the same guy that p

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I think it will be a good show that's the reason I'll tune in, thanks for the information I'm gonna tell you to my friends because they probably they don't know about it.m10m


Please, I think Cody is gorgeous...and brilliant. Glad to hear you are feeling better from the bout with Lyme disease.
You look good to me!

Greg Zwick

I think a good solution for the healthcare problem in this country would be to create a "healthcare account" for each individual tied to social security number.

The government could determine what "affordable" entitlement each person is due and put a credit for that amount in their account.

The individual would use this to buy private health insurance and/or healthcare products and services at market prices.

The individual would be responsible for managing this account throughout their lifetime.

They could increase it by personal savings, employer contributions, charitable contributions, gifts from friends/family, inheritance, and/or loans.

I would also substitute "disability insurance" for malpractice suits.

What do you think?

Hey Cody, the US is being led down the the same hyperdeflation road as the Argentine.



I think your hair is pretty sad as well as your attitude. You should think about how you speak to people when you see them. Giving them an attitude and just saying youre the host of a show on FOX business is just not going to get you a free meal in this city. Next time try being nice instead of an all out loser. Ill watch MSNBC and think of you and your terrible taste in clothes and style. DO yourself a favor and go back to school.

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