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February 26, 2007


michael jones

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can you make three copies of that in 3x5 format and put it in the red bowl?


Thanks Cody, great post. Your insight is valuable


Frankly, you don't need to be in NY to get into the business, although it is the best way to mainline the lifestyle.

The thing to know is no matter where you choose to try and make your break, the failure rate is high, the hours are grueling, and a bit of luck or help increases your odds of surviving. There are many unbelievably smart people that have washed out of Wall St. I won't say an MBA is a waste, but I would say that MBA programs are designed to dessiminate a way of thinking. Unfortunately, that thinking is not outside the box.

There are all walks of life in the biz. It is probably more diverse than any other industry in existance.

Good luck in your journey.

Greg Huchinson

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I saw this in several blogs.

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