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July 28, 2006



I forgot to add " successful". That really gets them.


Cody, It appears to me that gay men find you attractive and need to be vulgar about it and straight men find you attractive and need to be homophobic about it and jealous. That's what you get for being a handsome, intelligent, personable, fashionable and creative guy. These people live on the dark side...For you, it is all good...


The oil boom are greatest hope for peace in the Middle East.???? Are our own oil companies or OPEC using any of these profits to promote peace? Has there been any news on that that I've missed? Huge implications for OPEC countries stockpiling cash you say? Gee whiz , I'd say that is no brainer in our future. Enjoy your Escalades now cuz I suggest you all buckle down boys and girls. This could be a bumpy ride.

Stephen L. McKay

Cody,I'm with you on the leveraging. You may recall I wrote a comment before about my concerns over excessive leveraging. Here is another concern of mine, and i would be interested in your opinion when you have a chance.For a while now we have been seeing a blurring of the lines between hedge funds and private equity, with leading firms in both disciplines inching over into each others field of expertise. I'm wondering what your take is on this, considering the minimal regulation imposed on both groups and the resulting opacity, and the potential for conflict / insider trading at exit, when the PE fund, who also manages a hedge fund may be negotiating a sale to a publicly traded concern. I am not in favor of regulating hedge, or PE funds any more than is absolutely necessary, but I do think this scenario is troubling. What say you?


you look dreamy in that leather jacket pose, cody. do you like to pitch or catch?

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